Conductor Emeritus

Founding conductor and music director

The energy and spirit that characterizes the Seattle Civic Band (SCB) comes from our founding conductor and music director, Jo-Ann Christen. Jo-Ann’s demanding yet supportive podium demeanor routinely gets more out of her musicians than they thought they had to give.

Jo-Ann is a versatile and dynamic conductor who specializes in community based music making. In addition to the SCB, Jo-Ann also conducts the the Rain City Women’s Chorus. She holds degrees in music from Montclair State University (NJ) and the Manhattan School of Music. Jo-Ann performs professionally on the trombone and euphonium and teaches brass students at her Queen Anne studio.

Asked why she’s drawn to community ensembles, Jo-Ann says:

I grew up playing in community bands—it’s in my blood. Old and young playing together for the sheer joy of making music.

Jo-Ann retired in December 2012 and has been granted the title, “Founding Conductor Emeritus”.

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